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LSI språkskolens språktest

Free online English tests LSI online English Test

LSI has developed these online English tests to assist you in evaluating your current level. These English tests will evaluate your grammar and listening skills. At the end of the tests, you will receive a rating with the corresponding level as listed below.

It will take you approximately 10 minutes to take these English tests. You need to have Macromedia Flash 5 ( free plug-in installed on your computer. 
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Click here to take these Free English tests 

Levels of Instruction

LSI offers seven levels of instruction from beginner to advanced. On your first day of class, you take an in-depth level placement test. Your grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking skills are assessed. This guarantees that you study with other international students who have the same level as you. 

LSI United States offers seven levels of instruction: Click each level for more information. 

 English (ESL) Tests - What is your Current English Level?
 B*  E*  LI*  I*  UI*  A*

B= Beginner
= Elementary
= Lower Intermediate
= Intermediate
= Upper Intermediate
= Advanced


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