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Intensive General English Programs

On the first day of the course, all students complete a comprehensive test and interview to ensure they are placed in the appropriate class which suits their level of English.

Each level follows a coursebook using the latest methodology. Coursebooks are supplemented according to students' needs and interests. Students progress is regularly monitored through individual interviews with the teacher and monthly progress tests. At the end of the program, students are awarded an ACE certificate which indicates the level they have attained.

Classes at Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels focus on Speaking, Listening and Pronunciation in the afternoon. Students at these levels are given extra help to improve their spoken English and comprehension quickly and effectively.

From Intermediate level to Advanced level, students choose from a wide range of interesting electives. These include:

Business English
Improve Your Grammar
Fluency & Listening
Conversation & Discussion
Improve Your Writing
Australian Studies
Cinema Studies
Improve Your Vocabulary
IELTS Preparation
TOEIC Preparation

Full-time ACE students do 5 hours per week of Programmed Self Access. This is a time for individual private study in one of the school's Self Access Centres. There is an expert teacher on duty in each centre to answer questions and to ensure that students get the most out of their Programmed Self Access periods.

Self Access facilities include:

The Computer Centre

The Language Laboratory

The DVD Room

Homework Rooms

The Conversation Club


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AM Lessons
1 & 2
Improve your vocabulary:

Travel words and expressions
Improve your Grammar:
Direct & Indirect Questions
Pronunciation & Speaking
Intonation - Showing Interest & Surprise
Improve your Grammar:

Reporting Verbs
Listening, Vocabulary & Speaking:

Video - Planning a trip round Australia
Coffee Break

AM Lessons
3 & 4
Listening & Speaking
Understanding fast speech & talking about a holiday
Practise your Spoken English
Asking questions at the Travel Agency
Improve your Reading & Writing
Internet Research project - Travel in Australia
Practise your Spoken English
Booking a hotel and renting a car
Review & Extension
Speaking & Writing
Task - the Holiday Resort
Lunch Break

PM Lesson 5
Elementary & Pre-Intermediate Level
Intensive practice of speaking, listening and pronunciation in everyday situations
Intermediate to Advanced Level Electives
Students can choose one elective per 4-week program, according to availability:
Fluency & Listening, Business English, Conversation & Discussion, Cinema Studies, IELTS Preparation, Improve Your Vocabulary, TOEIC Preparation, Improve Your Writing, Improve Your Grammar, Australian Studies
1.45-3.45 Programmed Self Access
Students can choose from: Computer Centre with Internet, Language Laboratory, Conversation Club, DVD Club, Homework Room
 Please Note:
 All ACE students receive an individual timetable on their first day at the school.    
 The timetable above is a sample only, and is subject to change.

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* ACE språkskolene i Australia: Sydney Bondi Beach, Sydney City, Sydney Manly, Brisbane og Perth
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