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Klikk her for å returnere til Hampstead School of English fremsiden. Litt om det å bo i London

This page has information about communication, travelling in London and who to call in an emergency.

Laptop Computers
If you are bringing a laptop computer to London, the school offers ADSL connection, which is free of charge and available to all students. You can use the internet or general, standard windows applications from these terminals during school hours from 09.00 to 18.00. You can also use your laptop if you are staying in our studio accommodation, as a dial-up line is available in all rooms. Please note that this line is for data only. It is not possible to connect a telephone to this.

Homestays may be reluctant to allow students to use their laptops for internet purposes in the home, as many families only have one phone line which cannot be engaged for long periods of time. If you are staying in a homestay you may wish to use your laptop for internet purposes whilst at school only. Please be aware that if your laptop is more than 4 years old, the ADSL connection may not work.

Phonecards and Mobile Phones
There are 2 payphones in the school for student use and phone cards are sold in the Office. All international calls begin with 00. To call abroad with reverse charges please dial 155.

We suggest that if you are travelling to London for a long period of time, you should bring a mobile phone with you. Phones from most countries will work in the United Kingdom, and you will simply need to buy a SIM Card to use your phone in London. You can buy a SIM-card pack from any registered dealer such as Vodafone or Carphone Warehouse, which gives you a UK mobile phone number and pre-paid calls. If you do not have a mobile phone you can buy a mobile phone at the same shop. Carphone Warehouse, which is located just a few doors away from the school. You can purchase top-up cards at any local newsagent, Carphone Warehouse, or Woolworths.

Post offices are generally open from 09.00 to 17.00 Monday-Friday, and some are open on Saturday from 09.00 to 12.00. There is a Post Office near the school but you can also buy stamps at newsagents, in supermarkets and some other shops.

We suggest that you use your accommodation address to receive mail but if we do receive mail on your behalf it can be found at the front desk in Reception. If you plan to receive a parcel, please check in the office every day in order to collect it in a timely manner. We can only accept parcels on your behalf if you are already attending the school, and cannot receive anything before your arrival.

Travelling in London
Public transport – by underground “tube” or bus is the quickest way of travelling in and around London. You must have a valid ticket and if you are caught without one you will have to pay an “on the spot” fine of £10. There is a fine of £1000 for smoking on the tube or in the stations. London is divided into six zones and the fare is calculated by the number of zones you cross. The School is in Zone 2 but we recommend buying a travel card that includes Zone 1 so that you can travel easily in and out of the centre.

Travel Cards
We advise all students to buy weekly or monthly travel cards. With these you can have unlimited travel within specific zones on buses or the underground. The School is on the border of Zones 2 & 3 and if you wish to go to the centre you will need a Travel Card that includes Zone 1. Travel cards are available for sale at Tube stations. You will need a passport-sized photo if you get a monthly travel card.

Discounted Student Travel Cards
A Discount Card for 30% discount on London Transport (buses and tubes only) is available for students aged over 18, who are in full-time education (more than 15 hours a week), who have registered for a consecutive period of 14 weeks or more and whose fees are fully paid in advance.

You must apply for the Discount card through the school and you will need to complete an application form and return it to the Office with a photo and £5.00 postal order .The travel card takes 2-3 weeks to be issued. Please ask at the Office for an application form if you think you are eligible for this.

Travelling by bus is interesting and is good for travelling to the school. All buses have a route number and destination on the front. There is a bus stop outside the school for north-bound destinations, and across the road for south-bound destinations. If you do not have a travel card you will need to buy a ticket from the driver or conductor. You request a stop by ringing the bell.

Buses that stop outside the school are numbers 113, 13 and 82. Bus number 328 stops behind the school (on Fortune Green Road).

Buses generally run from the early hours of the morning (approximately 6.00am, although this varies from district to district) until midnight. After midnight, you can take a night bus and you will see the special N sign on these buses. We have detailed maps showing the bus routes for the areas you will need and these are available from the Office and in your first day pack.

You can get or “hail” a black cab anywhere in London and although this is more expensive than travelling by bus or tube, they are reliable, comfortable and are often useful if you are lost or it is late at night.

It is not possible to “hail” a mini cab but you can book these by telephoning a cab service company in advance. If you are travelling from home, ask your host for the local minicab service or we recommend Meadway (020 7328 5555) or Swiss Cottage Cars (020 7433 1000). Please confirm the price of the journey when booking.

Please note that ONLY registered London taxis (with yellow signs on the roof and registration numbers at the rear) can pick up passengers from any point. Do not get into cabs that are not registered unless you have pre-booked the minicab.

Maps of London
Even Londoners use maps to plan their routes. We advise everyone to buy a copy of one of the London Street Guides such as "A-Z" or Nicholson's Guide.

Emergency telephone numbers
Fire/Police/ Ambulance: 999

The Hampstead School of English: 020 7794 3533

Local Taxi Service: 020 7328 5555 OR 020 7433 1000

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