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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I enrol?

There's no time limit. You can even leave it to the last minute if you like. But if you also require accommodation with host families or in shared flats, the earlier you enrol the better.

Do I have to start on the first day of the course?
If you are an absolute beginner yes. Otherwise you can start on any Monday.

How long does an hour of class last?
In our school 55 minutes. It's good policy to check this before choosing a school.

How old are the students?
All ages from 16 upwards. Age-group percentages change from year to year. Here are the statistics for 2005:

Age of students 16 – 20 15%
21 – 25 28%
26 – 35 26%
36 – 50 22%
older 9%

What sort of accommodation is best? With a host family or in a shared flat?
It's a personal choice. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

Standards are high in both cases but furnishings tend to be a little better at the homes of host families.
Staying with host families, especially if you have chosen to have meals, implies more care with times.
Minors, who may need help and support, are better off with host families.

How far away from the school is the accommodation?
The school is in the centre, near the central railway station (Stazione Termini) where the majority of the buses and both Rome's underground lines pass. 30% of our accommodation is within 20 minutes' walk from the school. The rest is at a maximum of 30 minutes by public transport (in normal traffic conditions).

Will family members talk to me?
Yes. They have, of course, their own lives, work, and commitments to get on with, but they have been selected by the school on the basis of their willingness to have regular daily contact with their student guests.

When should I arrive at, and leave, the accommodation?
You should arrive on a Sunday and leave on a Saturday. There is an extra charge if you want to arrive on the Saturday.

What's the difference between Standard and Standard Plus?

Standard accommodation is good accommodation. However Standard Plus accommodation usually has better furnishings and is more comfortable. What's more it will usually have at least one of the following features: very close indeed to the school, private bathroom, use of washing-machine, TV in bedroom.

A language laboratory and video booths (DVD and VHS) are freely avilable at all times between 8.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays for students who want to study in their spare time. Students can also watch Italian films selected from the school's film library.

Internet booths are freely available to all students who wish to use them from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Mondays to Friday.The school offers wireless intenet access to students who have their own portabile computers.

Students club
On arrival at the school students are automatically enrolled in the students' club. The club room, in the basement, is an ideal place to relax, make friends and have fun.

There is a TV and piano available and many of the organised social activities take place here.

The stage in the Club is sometimes used by students to perform short plays in Italian and/or other activities.

Apart from the space inside, students can go outside and use the small garden and 2 terraces.

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