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Welcome to Milan, the capital of business, fashion and design. Milan is the second biggest town in Italy, and the most economically developed. Here you can meet people from every region of Italy and from every country of the world. The city is busy day and night. It offers a wide range of restaurants, discotheques, cinemas, bars, charming cafes with theatre-like furniture. "La Scala", the most famous opera house in the world, the Duomo and a lot of other important sights awaits you.

More: you can easily reach the Italian and Swiss mountains to ski in wintertime, the Italian seaside in Liguria or the "Cote d'Azur" in France during the summertime. Milan is perfectly connected by airplanes, trains and motorways to the most important destinations in Europe and in the world.

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IH International House skolen i Santiago de Cuba ISO 9001 Certifaciton, IH Milano Italy Language school

IH Milano, Italy. Language school

The Italian courses take place in the IH City Centre premises, situated in a quiet pedestrian square in the elegant surroundings of the city centre. The Duomo Cathedral, shops, restaurants and cafés are just a few minutes walk away.

Since 1982, our objective has been to meet the language learning needs of every student, providing the highest standards of tuition in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We offer a professional, yet personal approach to language learning.

Our school, located in the centre of Milan, offers all types and levels of Italian courses for foreigners. Our aim is to offer our clients an effective, personalised and fully satisfactory service, and to improve this service by listening to our clients and fulfilling their requests.

Italian courses for all purposes

Our Italian courses for foreigners include Individual lessons, Standard, Intensive and Super Intensive group courses from beginners to advanced level, evening courses and summer courses for Fashion&Design. Our summer course “Survival Italian for Beginners” is ideal if you want to learn the basics of Italian in a useful and fun way during a brief holiday in Milan. Among others we organise a language and culture course “Enjoy 50+”, “full immersion” courses and closed group courses.

You are the star!

The teachers, holding the International House or equivalent certificate, use different methods to plan the lessons based on the communicative approach, emphasising, right from beginner level, this fundamental aspect of language learning, guiding the students in their discovery of grammar and vocabulary and creating the conditions for practice and role-plays.

The students are therefore the real stars of the lesson, according to the principle that the best way to learn a language is to use it, with the encouragement of a teacher, making the use of the language in everyday situations easier.

Besides Italian as a language, the lessons also embrace Italian culture at different times and in different ways: during the moments dedicated to free conversation; when watching films carefully chosen and with follow-up activities and discussion; with the special lessons on Friday envisaged for the group courses that allow the students to use the language outside the classroom, around the city, going to exhibitions, museums, markets, newspaper editorial offices, and everything else the city has to offer.

We hope to welcome you soon to Italy, to Milan and at our school and we also hope that your trip is both profitable and pleasant.

IH Milano, Italy. Language school
IH Milano, Italy. Language school
International House Milan
Piazza Velasca, 5
20122 Milano
Tel: 0039 02 867903
Map to the school

Italian Group Courses

- Standard Italian Course
- Intensive Italian Course
- Super Intensive Course
- Italian evening Course
- Italian for beginners

Individual lessons
Executive Italian

Special Programmes

- Italian & Internship
- Enjoy 50+
- Full Immersion
- Exam Preparation CELI 3
- Closed Groups

- Italian in the Kitchen
- Italian for Business
- Italian for Shopping
- Italian for Football
- Italian for Fashion & Design


Italian for foreigners - Brochure 2014 Italian for foreigners - Brochure
Italian group courses - Factsheet Italian group courses - Factsheet
Italian Summer course for beginners - Factsheet Italian Summer course for beginners - Factsheet
Italian for Fashion & Design - Factsheet IED Instituto Europeo di Design, Italian for Fashion & Design - Factsheet  
General Italian Programmes
(Standard and Intensive Group Course)
General Italian Programmes
Italian for 50+ students - Factsheet Italian for 50+ students - Factsheet
Italian courses - Dates & Fees 2014 Italian courses - Dates & Fees 2011    
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Språkskolen Enforex i Barcelona, Spania
Instituto Europeo di Design


DESIGN, FASHION, VISUAL ARTS and COMMUNICATION Read more IED Milano schoolpage - Enrolment here - All tuition is in english
IED Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan

Three-Year Courses are post-secondary school courses with obligatory attendance, designed for a limited number of students who want to take their talent and creativity and transform them into a profession, as well as to acquire knowledge as a means of constructing the personal, professional and social project for their own lives. The training aims at achieving three basic objectives: knowledge of technologies, of materials and of design culture, the ability to understand the market and its requirements and the ability to communicate the qualities of design.

The first year is devoted to acquiring the basic methodology necessary for students to adopt the right approach to creative work. In the years that follow, there is a more intense focus on design activities developed on the base of real client briefs, supported by the guidance of lecturers and by the supervision of consultants in the field in question. The well-established relationship between IED and the working world enables students to take part in events, seminars and competitions: often real working experience that culminates in dissertation projects. This stimulates students to acquire critical skills, to operate independently, to make decisions and to relate to the client, just as they would do in their real professional careers.

Master courses

The courses are addressed to newly-graduated students and practising professionals. IED Masters launch professionals that have the abilities to:

  • deal with the complexity of the contemporary world
  • consciously tackle the new requirements of production
  • open windows onto potential new worlds
  • interact competently in professional circumstances

These advanced study program with flexible curricula are designed to cater for the increasing complexity of the labour market.

One-Year Courses
Held in English, the courses in this one-year full immersion are designed to enable students to experiment and pick up the basic tools of design. Theory lessons are accompanied by creative workshops, visits to firms, trade fairs and industrial events, meetings with practising professionals.

The result is an effective concentrate of experiences, ideal above all for foreign students who want to invest a limited amount of time in acquiring key skills for building their professional profiles and gaining concrete experiences in close contact with the Made in Italy system, without ruling out the possibility of continuing their studies later.

Summer Courses
If you have already started work and are interesting in broadening your horizons of expertise and giving your CV a more competitive edge, then this is an ideal formula for you.
Every year, during June and July, IED offers intermediate and advanced courses in the fields of Fashion, Design and Visual Arts. These courses are held in English and generally last from three to four weeks.
They are a perfect solution for those who desire to combine their spare time during holidays with a new stimulating experience. Following a precise methodology and guided by professors, who are all professionals from the chosen field, students will experience the development of a project specific to their interests.

Continuing Study Program
These are typically very flexible modular courses with diversified didactic contents: features that enable personal curricula to be organised to suit each individual’s specific requirements.
Attendance from a minimum of one to a maximum of five days a week, duration from one to nine months, the restricted numbers of students and the fact that the lecturers are all practising professionals are just some of these courses’ distinctive traits.
The topics tackled may be dealt with differently from one location to another in terms of formula, duration and depth.

IED Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan
IED Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan
Brochure Three-Year Courses (PDF/ENG)

Brochure Master (PDF/ENG)
Application Form Master (PDF/ENG)

Brochure One Year (PDF/ENG)
Application Form One Year (PDF/ENG)

Brochure Summer (PDF/ENG)
Application Form Summer (PDF/ENG)

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci  italian language school in Milan, italy 
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci  italian language school in Milan, italy
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci  italian language school in Milan, italy
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci  italian language school in Milan, italy
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci  italian language school in Milan, italy

cuola Leonardo da Vinci is certified to meet ISO 9001:2000, the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. It is one more example of our commitment to excellence. cuola Leonardo da Vinci is certified to meet ISO 9001:2000, the internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. It is one more example of our commitment to excellence.ASILS - Association of language schools of Italian as a foreign language AIL - Accademia Italiana di Lingua (Diplomas "Firenze") ELITE - European Federation of Associations for Teaching Mother Tongues FIYTO - Federation of International Youth Travel Orgaisations ALTO - Association of Language Travel Organisations

The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is located inside a student campus in the Navigli zone, a meeting place for artists with numerous cafes and bars. It is well connected to the city center by subway and by bus. All classrooms have air conditioning, and the campus boasts a park and a bar.

Recently, in the campus a canteen has been opened, where students can enjoy a complete meal, take a coffee or relax in a design space.

The secretariat is located inside the main building. There you also will find the library and the Internet Point where you may surf for free in the Internet or connect your own laptop for free thanks to a wireless network.

Italian Group Courses

- Standard
- Intensive Plus
- Part Time Standard
- Extensive Standard
- Private Tuition for 1, 2 or 3 participants
- Long Term Standard
- Long Term Semester

Special Programmes

- Language and Culture Course "Italy today"
- La Dolce Vita 50+
- Diploma «Firenze» Exam Preparation Courses
- Business and Professional Courses
- History of Art
- Culinary Arts
- Italian Wine Course
- Art, Fashion and Design Semester Courses
- Preparatory Courses for Fashion & Design Academies
- Preparation Course for Fashion Runways
- Summer Design Courses
- Course for Musical specialization

- Academic School Year
- Sabbatical Year

  • Founded in 2005, the very new language school of the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci group. The first school was founded in 1977 - we have years of experience and are specialized in teaching Italian in Italy.
  • Our Italian School in Milan has obtained the International quality assurance Certificate ISO 9001:2000, as a quality school of Italian language for foreigners, and has regular inspections to ensure that high standards are maintained.
  • Officially recognized by the department of Education of Lumbardy Region
  • School located in the city center inside a student campus.
  • Free Internet access for our students.
  • Wi-Fi Zone - Area of Wireless Internet.
  • Equipped for handicapped students.
  • Air conditioned classrooms.
  • Friendly and helpful staff that give personal attention to each student.
  • Professional and young teachers all of whom have studied at the University level and who have been specially trained in teaching Italian to foreigners
  • Italian at every level, all year round.
  • Small study groups.
  • After 1, 3, 4 or 6 months the AIL-exam "Firenze" (Accademia Italiana di Lingua) DELI/DILI/DILC/DALI/DALC can be taken.
  • A whole range of activities offered for students to gain insight into the Italian culture.
  • Variety of students from over 50 countries study at our Scuola Leonardo da Vinci school.
  • One of the free services offered by our schools is finding suitable accommodation for our students. Accommodation is regularly checked by our schools.
Additional info:
FAQ: Frequently asked questions    Scuola Leonardo da Vinci : FAQ: Frequently asked questions
Italiancourse and accomdation prices 2014   Scuola Leonardo da Vinci : Italiancourse and accomdation prices 2011, Leonardo da vinci Italy   Enrolment here
School brochure Scuola Leonardo da Vinci : school brochure   Read more Scuola Leonardo da Vinci schoolpage
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