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28.05.2010 kl 14:30

Nye språkskoler i Tyskland: Kurs for voksne fra 17 år: Berlin, Frankfurt,Hamburg, Munchen, Heidelberg

Höchst /Odenwald,8 - 14 år, juni - august
Hintersee / Alps, 12 - 16 år, juni - august
Berlin, 12 - 16 & 14 - 17, juni - august
Aschaffenburg, 12 - 16 år, juni - august
Augsburg, 14 - 17 år, juni - august
Köln, 14 - 17 år, juni - august
Nuremberg, 14 - 17 år, juni - august
Wiesbaden, 14 - 17 år, hele året

did deutsch-institut Last ned skolebrosjyre her
Denne skolen har vunnet flere priser for sin kvalitet og undervisning, og kan varmt anbefales. Ta kontakt for mer info.

28.05.2010 kl 11:45

Språkkurs ved spanske Universitet, med studiepoeng!

SIOC kan nå tilby språkkurs, og språkstudium ved en rekke spanske Universiteter. Allerede i sommer kan vi tilby sommerkurs ved Universiteter i Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga (Ronda), Granada og Caseres i Extremedura.
Ta kontakt for mer informasjon:

I første rekke, så er de ved disse Universitetene, som vi nå lager avtaler med:
* Universidad Europa de Madrid

* Universidad Nebrija

* The Univercity of Castilla-a Mancha i Toledo

* Universidad de Alcala

* Universidade de Santiago de Compostella

* Universidad de Malaga - Ronda

* Universidad de Extremedura

07.04.2010 kl 21:20

Spanish for Teachers - new date: 1 week from 18 October 2010:
Deadline for Comenius applications is 30 April

Dear Friends

Due to the successes so far in our promotion of the July "Spanish for Teachers" course, we are pleased to announce another 1 week course starting 18 October 2010.

The details for the October course are as attached. We understand that this course should, in most European countries, meet the requirements of the Comenius programme. Please note that Comenius applications for autumn courses close on 30 April.

The July course already has 5 participants on the first week and 4 on the second week. We welcome more bookings for July from teachers who will pay for themselves or who have access to other types of funding.

I also attach the text for a flier we are about to produce which describes the teachers course and also our school group programmes which are clearly of potential interest to the same people. I hope that you find this useful. We should have printed copies of this ready in a couple of weeks for your use in promoting future teachers' courses.

If you would like further information about this programme please do not hesitate to ask.

Info material:

Spanish for Teachers course Oct 2010.pdf
Brochure - teachers 2010 ESP.doc

Best rgds

Bob Burger
Marketing Director

30.03.2010 kl 15:53: * i orden
Problemene med * nå iorden, og påmeldingsskjemaet virker igjen:

30.03.2010 kl 14:17: * midlertidig ute av funksjon
Etter oppgraderingen av webserveren som håndterer * i går har det vist seg at * ikke fungerer som den skal. Vi jobber med å løse problemet så fort som mulig. Problemet påvirker kun kunder som bruker adresser på formen Vi ber om unnskyldning for ulempene dette medfører.

29.03.2010 7:51 AM
Subject: Moscow Metro Bombing - all Liden & Denz students accounted for and safe!

Dear friends

We are relieved to report to you that all students currently enrolled at our Moscow centre arrived this morning at the school safely. While everybody is affected due to the growing chaos in the streets of Moscow, the bombed metro stations are relatively far away from the school.

So far, staff and teachers which were due to report at the school have done so. Students wishing to cut short their stay can do this. We will refund unused full weeks.

This is a very sad moment for all of us. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families!

Walter Denz

Julia Patasheva
Centre Director Moscow


Santiago, Chile - Earthquake
ECELA - Cecilia


I would like to inform you about the situation in Santiago.I am sure you have already heard about the earthquake that hit Chile. Providencia, Santiago where the school is located is under control. The electricity and water have already returned.

The airport in Santiago is closed and it will be closed a least 12 more hours.

All students arriving this week may change their dates for no fees. Also, students may go to other schools, also at no extra cost. This includes Buenos Aires, where housing is more expensive. We are trying to get in touch with all our students but many are out of the city.

Monday we will have classes but they will start at 10:00am in order to get the school ready.

I will send you an email with more information as we know more.


Cecilia Quezada

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