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In this intensive French language course, there are 8 possible levels, with 6 -10 students per group (10 is a maximum which, for optimum effectiveness, should not be exceeded):
Beginner I, II - little or no knowledge of French
Intermediate I - IV - some knowledge and some speaking capability in French
Advanced I, II - a fair to good speaking capability in French

The student's level is determined on the first day by an individual audio-visual and written test. It can be adjusted during the session if required.

The age of students varies between 21 and 75 upward and all nationalities are represented.

Under 21, students can be accepted under certain circumstances with the provision that their maturity and earnestness can be vouched for by the parents. It should be noted that, with some young people, there may be the problem of the sustained effort and concentration required during a whole day at the Institut.

D A I L Y   S C H E D U L E

This French language school has only one program, which is the normal, all-year round intensive French course consisting of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday through Friday). A typical daily schedule is:

8.30 - 9 am. : Breakfast 1 - 2 pm. : Situation session
9 - 10 am. : Class 2 - 2.30 pm. : Break
10 - 11 am. : Language lab. 2.30 - 4 pm. : Class
11 - 12 am. : Class 4 - 4.45 pm. : Reuse session
12 - 1 pm. : Discussion-lunch 4.45 - 5 pm. : Tea

Coffee breaks, with tutors available, occur in morning and afternoon.

Two meals a day, wholesome and balanced, prepared with fresh products by a very good French chef are served at the school during class days and are included in the course fee: breakfast and a discussion-lunch with teacher and staff participation.

At the end of each day, tea is served in the dining room where students and teachers gather to chat and relax.

Dinner and weekend meals are not included and can be taken where desired. There are many restaurants in the area where a good meal can be had for 20-30 Euros.

SIOC AS, Boks 806, N-5404 Stord, Norway
Telefon: +47 53 41 15 75, Telefaks: +47 53 41 78 66, Mobil: +47 975 63 700
Kontakt personer: Birger Reinhardt Larsen og Morten A. Larsen