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Former students who have attended our French language school

The students who attend our French language school come from all over the world, and are highly motivated. Some want to speak French for cultural or personal reasons, others because they need French in their present or future job.

They are of varied nationalities, ages and professions. The average age is 25 - 45. The minimum age is 21; there is no maximum, 75 and upward being the high end.

They are from all walks of life : engineers, secretaries, accountants, doctors, university students, etc.

  Some hold high level positions: 

- Gough Withlam Former Prime Minister of Australia
- General Joseph Garba of Nigeria Former President of the United Nations General Assembly
- James Clavell Writer
- William Morris American producer and impresario
- Beverley Oda Minister of Canadian Heritage and Statius of women
- etc.  

For a listing of some of the personalities who have attended our French language school, click where desired:

Artistic Field

Business World

Political, International and Military Fields

Scientific, Educational and Communication Fields


Some examples of extracts from former students' letters follow :
“...The Institut de Francais has the only French language course I have found that focuses completely on spoken French... It was not until I came to your school that I learned to speak French automatically and correctly...”

 Edmond N. SEARS, Expert in business valuation, New Hampshire, USA

"... As a pedagogue myself, I feel that the activities of the Institut should serve as a model for every French language school in adult training. "

 Prof. E.J. KORHERR, Rector of the Academy of Vienna,
Letter to French Ambassador in Vienna.
 For a more complete listing of such extracts, click here.

Organizations who send their personnel to French language program

International Organizations

Embassies and Government agencies


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